I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Global Modernisms based at the University of Central Florida. My research focuses on literary modernism and intersecting issues of history, culture, and society that evolved across the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
I'm particularly interested in magazines and literary periodicals published between 1890-1945. My research centres on a key question: what can these periodicals tell us about global historical, economic, and cultural conditions in this era? As well as focusing on how periodicals in Europe and the USA represented modernist culture and modern life, my recent work focuses on the questions of transnationalism, identity, and politics that arise from the study of modern periodicals produced in Latin America, Asia, and the Caribbean.

My other interests include Digital Humanities, Translation Studies, and Medical Humanities, particularly representations of illness in First World War texts. I'm passionate about using new technology to read old texts. My current book project draws upon methodologies from disciplines like Computer Science, Mathematics, and Linguistics to find new ways of reading global periodical networks and the modernisms they catalyzed.

Along with my academic publications, I have written on literature, the arts, and academic life for The Irish Times, London Magazine, and the Oxford Times.